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Canvas 2020 Year End Report: Showcases A Year of Unprecedented Success

Canvas, Inc. released their inaugural 2020 Year End Report highlighting a year of exceptional accomplishments and company growth.

“During 2020, not only did we maintain a 98% retention rate, but our employees demonstrated their resilience and innovative nature to help us navigate working remotely,” stated Canvas CEO Jami Peyton. “2020 presented us with many challenges, but our leadership team and employees worked together to help us excel and achieve a record-breaking year.”

The report highlights revenue growth achieved by winning three new prime contracts, acquiring a small engineering and technology company, opening Area 200 (the Canvas Innovation Lab), and forming a Joint Venture through the Small Business Administration (SBA) Mentor Protégé Program. Canvas was also certified as a Best Places to Work and secured the 35th rank on the 100 Fortune Best Small Workplaces List.

“Since 2007, Canvas focuses primarily on quality products and services ensuring customer satisfaction. I believe we accomplish this by hiring and retaining exceptional employees, which translates into satisfied customers and a very successful 2020.”

Read more about all the accomplishments of 2020 in our first edition of the Canvas Year End Report.


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