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Canvas Presents 2020 Masterpiece Award

Canvas is pleased to announce the 2020 recipient of our annual Canvas Masterpiece Award – the highest honor a Canvas employee can receive.

Established in 2012, the Canvas Masterpiece Award recognizes key individuals who go the extra mile to build the Canvas reputation with our customers and industry partners and exemplify our core values. These employee achievements serve as vital examples of our entire Canvas workforce which enables Canvas to be a true Masterpiece within our industry, the lives our of employees, and the community.





Never shying away from any mission, Jason has proven countless times to be an asset to his MDA customer and to Canvas. With 25 years of DOD experience, including 7 years as a Canvas Director, Jason manages all MDA Technical, Engineering, Advisory, and Management Support (TEAMS) technical subcontracts. Jason is also a Senior Engineer at MDA where he leads a team to maintain the System Test and Requirements Tool (START) database and to develop the next major version (START 2.0).

The START database serves as the central repository for all artifacts used in MDA’s system assessment process. With the unprecedented challenges of 2020, Jason took the initiative to leverage Area 220, our Innovation Lab, to work on a solution for the current version of the database.

“Last year we asked our employees to bring various problems to Area 220. Jason didn’t hesitate and hit the ground running utilizing our Lab to solve one of his customer’s problems. To me, that’s leading by example,” explained Jami Peyton, Canvas CEO, when she presented Jason with the 2020 Masterpiece Award. “Our customer stated they wished everyone would take initiative like this. Jason’s work on START 2.0 put Canvas and our Lab in a great position to find customer solutions and that alone is worth recognition.”

Alongside members of Area 220 and his MDA team, Jason led the development of a web-based front end for START 2.0. When the customer viewed the prototype, they were ecstatic with the innovative solution Jason’s team developed.

Jason’s professionalism, technical expertise, and leadership always reflect positively on him, his customer, and Canvas. His character, values, and work ethic are a true representation of the Canvas Masterpiece Award.


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