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Canvas Wins U.S. Army My Service Benefits Recompete

Canvas is pleased to announce the successful award of the follow-on My Service Benefits (MSB) contract, awarded in September 2023. We assist Service Members and their families through the MSB program with accurate and standardized web-based benefits information pertaining to retirement, survivorship, deployment, and medical retirement calculations.

The follow-on contract also includes Software Development and Information Technology (IT) for the continued development of benefits calculators for the DOD Military Compensation, MyArmyBenefits (MAB) and MyAirForceBenefits (MAFB) websites. These calculators play an integral role in supporting Service Members as they make important life decisions and prepare for changes that occur throughout life.

"We are honored and excited to announce the successful award of the MSB contract, marking a significant milestone for Canvas. This achievement not only underscores our commitment to providing essential support to Service Members and their families but also highlights our expanding prowess in software development and information technology. As we embark on this follow-on contract, encompassing the continued enhancement of benefits calculators for MyArmyBenefits and MyAirForceBenefits websites, we reinforce our dedication to delivering accurate, standardized, and crucial web-based benefits information. This accolade exemplifies Canvas's growing expertise in shaping the digital landscape for military personnel, ultimately empowering them to make informed decisions and navigate life transitions seamlessly. We look forward to the journey ahead and the positive impact our software engineering capabilities will have on the expanding MSB program.”

The period of performance for this contract is until June 2028.


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