Test & Evaluation

Engineering Services

Canvas assists customers in effectively orchestrating management and execution of our nation’s Test Programs. We have extensive past performance and expertise in the areas of Planning and Test Resource Management, Test Execution, Targets and Countermeasures, and Data Analysis.

Canvas Test & Evaluation Champion: Mike Peyton

mikepeyton@canvas-inc.com | 256.426.3177

Test Resource Management

Canvas Test Engineers and Analysts support system requirements and test configurations, develop integrated master test plans, design and implement test programs, provide test and executive reviews, develop test schedules and prepare test sites. Several tools Canvas Engineers and Analysts use to accomplish these tasks include Microsoft Test Manager, Asset Management Gantt Schedules, Mission Matrix Working Tool, Microsoft Project, and In-House Developed Excel Schedule Analysis Toolkits and online SQL-Enabled Scheduling Databases.

Test Execution

Canvas Test Engineers coordinate flight operations with test ranges at several different geographical sites, support treaty compliance and console training, and document test constraints. They also use tools like Microsoft Test Manager and Weapon System Availability Statistical Analysis. Our Engineers have successfully executed numerous test events and held the lead contractor role during a critical US/Israeli weapon system test and other MDA flight tests and mission execution events.

Targets & Countermeasures

Canvas Engineers supporting Targets and Countermeasures are well-trained to meet strategic and theater targets lifecycle requirements, target systems and range requirements, execute mission on-console, and support static testing and motor buy-offs. These Engineers lead teams to accomplish development and first flight of aerostats, which included execution of field testing and integrated live fire tests, and they used tools such as the Mission Matrix Working Tool to cross-walk mission objectives to target needs.

Data Analysis

Canvas Engineers and Analysts collect sufficient data at test events to analyze all stages of the test. They analyze post-mission flight and failure reconstruction and can effectively manage and report critical data figures to customers. Combined with extensive experience and training, our Data Analysts are capable of utilizing several statistical database tools and software to exceed customer requirements for data reporting to support program and technology advancement. Many of these tools are custom-developed by Canvas Engineers and Analysts.