Program & Acquisition Management

Program Management

Canvas Business Operation Analysts have extensive expertise in the areas of Program, Financial, and Acquisition Management. Further, our personnel have built an extensive resume of subspecialties pertaining to specific customer requests and project demands.

Canvas Business Operations Champion: Larry Couvillon | 256.683.4177

Program Management

Canvas Business Operation Analysts provide program planning, performance analysis, risk management, and concept development services. We provide assistance to Program Managers in understanding interdependencies and consequences of program changes during the program lifecycle, create and maintain master schedules, develop Courses of Action (COAs), and provide r isk-burn down plans. We also identify organization-specific products to effectively manage cost, schedule, and technical performance and provide Earned Value Management (EVM) services. Canvas Analysts provide senior leadership with expert support in joint program reviews, reporting, fielding and sustaining concepts, analyzing alternatives, and identifying programmatic risks that threaten a program’s ability to stay on schedule. Our personnel have developed numerous tracking tools, dashboards, smart books, briefs, and smart charts. Their work has led to major accomplishments for Defense Acquisition Boards, radar integration, and major process improvement initiatives.

Financial Management

Canvas Financial Analysts specialize in financial planning and analysis, budget execution, and program integration with the overarching goal of assisting multiple organizations to achieve balanced budgets and schedules. We develop, prepare, and execute program budget submissions and Program Office spend plans, support budget execution reviews, and compare funding plans with schedule requirements to identify specific breaks in alignment. We also conduct “what if” drills and conduct integrated assessments of program health and status. Canvas Analysts have received recognition for outstanding support of multiple MDA Acquisition Strategy Panels and have successfully executed funds exceeding the MDA execution goals – providing the Program Manager with detailed status of funds beyond the capabilities of computerized tracking systems.

Acquisition Management

Canvas Acquisition Analysts support program senior leadership with strategies and tracking tools, corporate board briefings, implementation of DoD-5000 series acquisition directives, support for program executive reviews, milestone planning and execution, and leadership on special studies and projects. Our Analysts directly support the execution of programs through innovative solutions to complex problems that senior leadership face. Canvas personnel have lead multiple reviews with Prime contractors for MDA and have provided acquisition support to successful flight tests.