A Woman-Owned Joint Venture between Canvas & SABG providing superior Business Management services to DoD Agencies

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Canvas is a successful Prime Contracting company founded in 2007 in Huntsville, AL. Canvas has developed and maintains advanced tools for supporting missions, strategy boards, program improvements, fund tracking and execution, and product integration for DoD and other Federal customers. Canvas, the managing partner for the Invictus Joint Venture, provides established corporate resources, quality-driven infrastructure, and highly qualified employees and for cost-effective solutions that reduce customer risk.

Canvas was founded in 2005 in Arlington, VA to be a scalable, long-range, execution-oriented company that has successfully accomplished large, highly visible, strategic projects for multiple Federal customers. SABG provides Invictus defined processes, advanced technology, infrastructure, program management, and experienced executive leadership. SABG's mission is to provide customers with talented teams that can deliver outstanding support at lower-cost to reduce risk.

Jami Peyton, CEO of Canvas and Keri Mungo, CEO of SABG, formed the executive board of Invictus in 2015. Their strategic partnership provides Federal Customers a valuable combination of Business Management expertise, resource talents, and staffing capabilities to strengthen our Nation's defense industry. Invictus provides corporate and individual experience with established infrastructure, proven management processes, and successful past performance at the MDA, DHS, USASMDC, AMCOM, DISA, NASA, JSC, Navy, and DoT.