Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Canvas provides Engineering Services that focus on defining customer requirements for development, integration, and test. Our capabilities span several engineering specialties to include Systems Engineering, Facilities Engineering, Aerospace, Radar, Software, and Missile Engineering. Canvas Engineers have lead major support roles in several federal critical missions, to include Ground Tests, Flight Tests, Operational Requirements, Asset Management, and Modeling Integration Tests. Many Canvas Engineers have received personal recognitions from Program Directors.

Canvas Engineering Champion: Mike Peyton | 256.426.3177

Systems Engineering

Canvas Systems Engineers develop system requirements, architectures, and designs within spiral development system, implement system-of-system approaches to complex problems and requirements, provide modeling and simulation support, and perform fundamental systems engineering processes to analyze system requirements and improve the value of the system. Canvas Systems Engineers use several tools, such as Data Flow Diagrams, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, and In-House Developed Data Collection Sufficiency Software to effectively support customers throughout the mission lifecycle.

Product Integration

Our Facilities Engineers regularly conduct facility investigations, develop facility requirements, provide agent submittal reviews, perform on-site construction and logistics operations, and coordinate requirements across stakeholder agencies. Canvas Facilities Engineers use tools like CAD and Microsoft Visual Studio to support customer facility design requirements.

Operations Requirements & Asset Management

Canvas Engineers also have extensive experience supporting customer operation requirements and asset management. For example, we have supported numerous weapon systems operations at various geographical sites, reported critical events and outages, developed daily operations briefings, tracked system availabilities, managed event planning against readiness condition for the Warfighter, and coordinated with and managed prime contractor and project office operations. Canvas Engineers use software and tools such as BMDS Operations Readiness and Reporting (BORRS), Defense Connect Online, Joint Medical Planning Tool, and Adobe Captivate and Illustrator to support system tracking and operations requirements.